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Unity is a superhero RP with a more-or-less dedicated Discord. It originated on the Ensnared Forum with Slixer and User:Strike as GM; Slixer has since left the community, and the RP is now primarily GM'd by User:DrgnmastrAlex.

Unity takes place on Unity Earth, a world where the number of mind-control-centric supervillains seems to have been growing at a disturbing rate lately. While there is a core story about what's going on, most of the actual gameplay is about major arcs called 'Issues', and various smaller incidents around the setting. Continuity occasionally slips into 'optional' territory.

Characters associated with major factions should be grouped together, ideally.


Unity (Organization)

The Hidden Abyss

Nightington Labs

Knights of the Round



The Angels

IKonic Forces

The Lace Shadow

The Hidden Abyss

Nightington Labs



The Hidden Abyss



Major Arcs

Due to the size of this RP, logs should be linked within arc pages

Minor Arcs

Doujin Arcs