The Hidden Abyss

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The Hidden Abyss is an organization in Unity; while they do not easily classify purely as heroic or villainously-aligned, their use of brainwashing does posit a point of concern, to say the least.

Organization Name

The Hidden Abyss

Occupation of members

Varies, but more often than not work in espionage and other shady work (not necessarily leaning towards good or evil) in most cases.

Others work in administration and recruiting, or covering up the more public works the organization takes a part in.

Superhero/villain types of members

Spy/Bounty Hunter Slaver/Brainwasher


Varies by member, but powers tend to be widely diverse and tactical in many uses.

Agent Types


Average Joes who often get their memories wiped of the days work after they clock out, used more often as manual labor/the non exciting jobs, and some security detail. Very rarely have powers, and even more rarely actually see any of the higher ups.

Grunts duties involve

  • Being hired out as bodyguards.
  • Performing recon.
  • Collecting and protecting new recruits.
  • Janitorial services.
  • Basically serving the members of the Inner Circle hand and foot.
  • Many more tasks.


The small but devoted group who handle all of the Abyss’ brainwashing, from keeping the machines in shape to keeping agents and grunts brainwashing maintained, often receive special treatment due to their position, also don’t commonly have powers, but those that do are usually mind readers.

Due to the small number of educators, they are allowed to express their desires and appreciations in the aesthetics of their place of work, one might be like a traditional hypnotherapists office, another might be a futuristic lab, and yet another could take the guise of a relaxing spa, nobody who goes in has memory of the interior.


The bread and butter of the organization, they receive heavy brainwashing to ensure loyalty to the organization. Most of them are trained in hand to hand combat, stealth, and disarmament, female agents are also trained in seduction, sleight of hand, and other means of misdirection. The elite agents are treated as if they are the children of the leader.

Lux is a part of this group, but is often regarded as a separate class by her fellow agents, due to the extreme favoritism the boss gives her, this group is known as the The Inner Circle

The Inner Circle

Of all the agents in the Abyss, these select few have the express favor of the leader due to experience, performance, or being an extremely rare asset. Agents who are in the Boss’s inner circle are given a life of luxury as long as they don’t dissapoint the boss. Kept in extravagant homes hidden away from the world for “their own sake”, at least that’s why their boss says they essentially live in hiding most of the time.

Known Members of Inner Circle:

The Boss

Very little is known about the boss aside from she’s female, and all of her subordinates fear her like the plague, her word is absolute, and her wrath is something all members of the Abyss do their best avoid. And her praise is something they all strive for. She very rarely leaves her multitude of offices.