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Springcess is a character played by User:Copper in Unity.


Name/Hero Name: Miranda S. Pring

Alter Ego Occupation: Spends most of her free time cleaning up the magical girl fight club area.


Magical stretching arms of springy anti evilness: Miranda’s arms can stretch up to surprising lengths, becoming spring like as she throws punches, and acting like springs as well, she can use them to launch herself, wrap up foes (albeit sloppily). And even reduce the force of harsh impacts.

Magical girl transformation: same as her magical girl cohort penny, but with different colors.


Extra durable, extra fast, extra flexible, and a lil bit stronger

Arms can stretch out a surprising length and speed, as well as send her flying even faster if used like a slingshot.


Has to wear a special mask to control her arms properly, so if her mask is cursed or bugged with some kind of tech, she has no choice but to wear it unless she wants her arms to be little more than flails, she can’t even return her arms to normal unless she’s wearing the mask.

Her arms can also be her weakness, as their springy and stretchy qualities can be used against her in whatever ways a devious villain may know how to.

Easily distracted and overly enthusiastic, while Miranda certainly isn’t dumb, her attention can be easily diverted or caught, and she usually tries to catch does off guard by slingshotting herself straight into them.

Extra Notes


Miranda was always an energetic one, bouncing and snapping between many things all at the same time, perhaps that’s why when she became a magical girl she felt her arms unwraveling, limp until she got the mask she was given on, and suddenly she was able to fight crime in style! Shortly after attempting her first crime stopping session she was captured by a mistress, but rescued by another magical girl, her frustration at being captured led her to the underground magical girl fight club, where she often spends a lot of her time.

Canon Events

Was briefly under the control of [[La Dulce