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Sonicheart is a character played by User:Hitsuji in Unity.

The soundwave superheroine, Lori Hamilton a.k.a. Sonicheart is devoted to fighting evil! Only, not really, thanks to one (1) Megurine Luka, who has her rather subtly wrapped around her little finger, and has unleashed Lori's dominant streak... And darker uses for her powers.

This is to say nothing about the various AUs of her running around.


Name/Hero Name: Lori Hamilton AKA Sonicheart

Alter Ego Occupation: Specialist Investor (formerly Rich Idiot With No Day Job)


The "Song Core", a complicated piece of technology installed in Lori Hamilton's heart, lets her access a variety of soundwave-based powers. When combined with concealed cybernetics at various points in her body (including her voice, obviously), the device lets her create sonic energy waves; the sonic bursts can form force-blasts (which she can also use to fly, more-or-less Iron Man style), or to create binaural beat effects that can enhance her allies in various ways (regenerating wounds or increasing the adrenaline in their bloodstream to help them move quicker, for example).

More recently, she's also learned how to use the effects to hypnotize people, make her words abnormally convincing, and do some other manipulative fun. She's kept THAT off the record, though... Using these effects requires her target be able to hear her clearly, or that she touch them directly with one of her soundwave points (read: hands, feet, or mouth) to use bone-conduction.


Lori has flight down-pat, able to use the Song core's systems to nimbly move both in-air and on-ground to fight. She is quite savvy when a fight breaks out, able to keep a cool head even in complex fights, and she has a general knack for mechanics and electronics. And, of course, she has typical superhero toughness.

Lori's attitude when in a fight differs so far from, well, the entire rest of the time, as to make it very difficult to guess that the scaredycat heiress is, in fact, the superhero Sonicheart.

Finally, she's well-off, thanks to a very large amount of money she stole from her supervillain father... And some savvy investments she's made more recently.


Lori's near-crippling paranoia left her very vulnerable to the first person who could get past it... Which happened to be a nascent supervillainess. She's near-utterly emotionally dependent on her wonderful Mistress Luka's approval... And would happily betray any principles she once held to get it.(edited)


Lori Hamilton was born to a rich oil baron in the island nation of Marivia, famously controlled by the old-money supervillain known to the world as The Grand. Born with a nasty heart condition, she was only saved by her heart being replaced with a cybernetic core, which granted her powers.

She fled after a couple years of developing her powers in the GrandTeens teenage-supervillainy project, stealing enough money and getting cover from the then-forming Unity International to get asylum in the US - and her base in New York. Since then, she's been paranoid that The Grand would start using his robot doubles again to get her, afraid of trusting anyone...

... Until Luka Megurine came along, breaking past her mental issues with her song and causing Lori to fall deeply in love.

Lori's money has been stocked in a variety of investments through 'mask' organizations, so that it's hard to track where to target her finances - though more and more of it, lately, has gone to companies that Luka's been getting control over. A fair bit of the money goes out to philanthropic causes, though she almost never shows up at their events in person. Suffice it to say, several criminals probably have angles on her, not even realizing her superheroic alter-ego.

Canon Events

Unity Issue 1 - went in to investigate the crisis, but chose to investigate a nearby office building coincidentally under attack by some unrelated thieves... And that happened to be under the control of one Megurine Luka, who promptly hypnotized Lori into being her minion.

Unity Issue 2 - OOC'ly, wasn't in the game at the time. IC'ly, an unrelated incident on the West Coast wound up with Sonicheart out of range when the mass call was sent out.

Unity Issue 3 - Went in with a small team to fight IKon. After a successful fight, while recuperating, IKon chose to let slip that Xyrene was controlling Metal Knuckle - pissing Lori off enough that she decided to join IKon's Prelates to make absolutely sure Xyrene was removed out of the way. (IKon notably directly accused Lori of wanting to control Merry - and Lori didn't deny it, though she definitely would rather have Merry free than under the control of anyone besides her.)

Unity AUs


Why running afoul of Kyoko is a bad idea; this AU of Lori faced off against the Winter Fey, and lost, badly - getting turned by Kyoko's magics into a wind-based Winter Fey and loyal minion.