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Soliel is a character played by User:AngelGrace, originating in Unity. Sister to Astarielle, Soliel is attending a private high school in another state due to her high intelligence. During her break, she came to visit her sister, only to find that she is mysteriously disappearing for long stretches of time. She is unaware of the fact that her sister has become an agent of the Lace Shadow and a full kitsune, nor their shared heritage, though shortly before her arrival in Unity City, she found herself developing some new powers.



Name: Soliel Evans

Alias: Kami no Kitsune/New Kitsune

Age: 18

Race: Human

Alignment: Neutral


Illusions: Soliel, like her sister, uses an illusion to disguise herself, rather than a costume, but appears to lack the ability to project it beyond herself

Seal Magic: In her form as the Kami no Kitsune, Soliel uses seals to accomplish her goals. These typically manifest as elemental attacks, healing magic, or barriers against enemies.

Foxfire: Soliel shares her sisters skill in Foxfire, though she's rarely seen using it.


Soliel is the middle child of the Evans family; the youngest sibling still lives with their parents and is attending grade school. Soliel proved to live up to her name as the brightest in the family. As a result, she was sent away to a very exclusive high school on a scholarship. While she excels in many areas, it's mythology that's managed to get her attention. Like her elder sister Astarielle, she's also a tremendous fan of literature, but she sees it as a window into cultures at large.

While Astarielle is gentle and reserved, Soliel is much warmer and outgoing, easily making friends and winning the trust of those around her. She possesses an abundance of energy, but is maturing past her "Genki" phase and starting to conduct herself with more grace, causing some to comment that she's becoming the image of her sister. The effect of her warm personality being slowly tempered gives her a slightly ethereal feel, and she's gained the confidence of several of her classmates. Curiously, while her sister had dabbled in romance, Soliel has shown no interest in males or females, causing a few rumors to fly about the nature of her sexuality, rumors that she merely laughs off.

The Kami No Kitsune

A short time before her trip to Unity City, Soliel found herself developing unusual powers. Flickering blue lights formed around her, and she felt more attuned to the world at large. At first confused by these new abilities, she soon settled into them, learning to use her illusion skill to disguise herself as a kitsune-based hero. While she styles herself the Kami no Kitsune, most of Unity City merely calls her Young Kitsune. She seems hesitant to use her abilities and act as a hero, and after difficult or extended fights, she seems to struggle a bit to tamp down her powers.

The Kami no Kitsune

Arrival in Unity City

During a break in the school year, Soliel decided to surprise Astarielle by taking her holiday in Unity City. However, upon her arrival, her sister seemed disinterested in her, and would leave the apartment for days at a time. Concerned, she convinced her school to give her the rest of the year off, promising to self-study and return in time for finals. Determined to answer the question of what happened to her sister, as well as the unusual events around Unity City, Solel began to investigate the recent events, unaware of the same forces that targeted her sister turning their eye to her.