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Shaderu is a character played by User:AngelGrace, originating in Unity. Formerly the heroine known as The Kitsune, Shaderu was taken in by the Lace Shadow, who steeped her in darkness and awakened her Kitsune blood. Currently, she is studying as a Lace Mystic, learning to tap into her powers as well as the art of the Lace Shadow itself. Due to her current status as a student of Inoue, she has not been very active. Those few that have seen her (and kept enough of themselves to tell the tale) say that she is a disarming, seductive opponent, relying on trickery and magic to overpower and bind her foes. Her long term goals, as well as what the Shadow plans to do with their kitsune, remains to be seen, though she seems to retain an interest in her 'sister', Lightning Strike.

The Fox of Shadows


Name: Shaderu, Astarielle Evans (Former)

Alias: Shaderu, The Kitsune (Former, disguise)

Age: 26

Race: Kitsune

Alignment: The Lace Shadow


Illusionary Magic: Kitsune are the masters of illusion magic, able to appear in any way they please. Shaderu makes use of this to appear as Astarielle as well as her formerly heroic form "The Kitsune". She can also cast illusions around other objects or even into thin air.

Foxfire: Shaderu's base ability; she is able to conjure blue flames. She has perfect control over how hot the flames are, and can even cause them to pick and choose what they burn, though Foxfire only affects organic matter. It also has the effect of inciting arousal in any living creature it touches. Shaderu has been seen cloaking herself in it as a sort of magic armor.

Lace Shadow magic: In addition to her Kitsune powers, Shaderu is studying the magic of the Lace Shadow, magic of darkness and binding. In addition, she's picked up on some of her teachers gem arts, though her skill with it is novice, at best; for this reason, she prefers to stick to her own magic.


Spellcaster: Shaderu has had very little need to train her body, thanks to both her illusions and magic. As a result, she is nearly useless in hand to hand combat.

True Kitsune: A true Kitsune hasn't been seen on Earth in centuries, but all of their weaknesses are well documented. Shaderu possesses all of these, as well as certain other traits of the mystical beast.


The Kitsune is born

Astarielle Evans, the secret identity of the Kitsune

The true identity of the Kitsune was Astarielle Evans, a library page working in Unity City. The oldest of three children, Astarielle had always been kind, to nearly a fault. Believing it to be her duty to help where she could, even to her own detriment, Astarielle dedicated herself to making the world a better place. Never asking for anything in reward, she did it only because she believed in a greater good. Perhaps it was a blessing that led her to one day discover a fox statue sitting in front of her apartment one day. When she touched it, she was imbued with all the powers of the kitsune of yore, though at this time, she was not transformed into a true kitsune. She used these powers to protect her hometown, a suburb a few miles outside of Unity City. While she never had the notiary of other heroes, her work soon caught the attention of Unity News stations, as well as the figure behind the rebirth of Unity. Before long, she was sent a message that brought her into the world as a whole...and closer to her ultimate destiny

New Unity

The Kitsune was brought up to Unity Prime along with Lightning Strike, Sonicheart, and Metal Knuckle to meet with Elizabeth on behalf of Unity. These four heroes had been selected to be the founding members of a new Unity. At the time, Kitsune voiced some concerns about her election to stand among what were considered the worlds greatest heroes, concerns that her teammates, as well as Elizabeth, tried to put to rest. While she still held some trepidation about her newfound role, she put it aside when a crisis challenged the newly formed team almost at once.

Going to New York with Strike and Metal Knuckle, the Kitsune was faced with an unusual situation at the United Nations building. Everyone inside the building was being held hostage by Dr. Frost, who seemed determined to build a harem for herself. Her determination was empowered by what was later found to be a Reality Drive, technology that could alter reality itself. All three heroes were affected, though the Kitsune was one of the two that found herself with lasting effects; at the whim of Dr. Frost, she and Lightning Strike began to be forced into the role of loving sisters. Ironically, this twisted desire proved to be Dr. Frost's downfall. The magically skilled Kitsune, while not aware of what she was sensing, did detect the cause of the changes, and out of a desire to please her newfound 'sister', explained it to Metal Knuckle. With this knowledge, Knuckle was able to disengage the Drive, restoring those affected...mostly. For some reason, perhaps their innate magical skill, or perhaps some yearning one or both had, Kitsune and Strike would go forward with a deep affection for each other, and both found it difficult not to refer to the other as their sister.

The Heroic Kitsune

Astra of the Seven Tomes

Unity wasn't the only one to take note of the burgeoning mage, however. Both the Lace Shadow and a witch known as Astra of the Seven Tomes had begun observing the Kitsune, though it was Astra who would move against her first. Luring out the hero with a golem sent to her hometown, Astra laid a trap that forced the Kitsune to play a twisted game with her. Each challenge she placed before the young hero was meant to corrupt her spirit, twist her morality, and by the time she was done, the Kitsune was corrupted enough that she knelt before Astra, and pledged her service to the dark witch.

With her aid, Astra constructed a castle in Chicago, now confident that with her own magic, Kitsunes aid, and the addition of Metal Knuckle to her service, she had enough strength to take on Unity and begin making her mark on the world. Strike was among the heroes dispatched to investigate the castle, darting through and around many challenges. Discovering Metal Knuckle, freed from Astra's control by the mage Melody, the two of them soon confronted the corrupted Kitsune. While Metal Knuckle attempted to take down Kitsune using her own powers, Strike saw through Astra's manipulation to the girl trapped within. Forcing Kitsune to expend her own magic, Strike was there to catch her lost sister as she collapsed, taking her to recover before making sure that Astra paid for what she did.

It took several days for the Kitsune to recover, and for Strike to enter the heroes spirit herself, aided by a mysterious benefactor. But recover she did, now nearly certain that she was not up to the task of being a hero.

Taken into the shadows

After recovering from Astra's control, the Kitsune took a leave of absence from Unity, claiming she needed to rest and recover. Secretly, however, she was questioning her worthiness to be a hero, and the ease with which she was continually manipulated. One night, an agent of the Lace Shadow entered her home, bringing with her the accusations of the the Shadow: that she had misused the name Kitsune. Surprised and interested that there was anyone out there with links to the mystic fox spirit, and still wracked with guilt over her perceived failings, she agreed to meet with the leadership of the Lace Shadow and face judgement for her crimes. Taken to their base of operations, Kitsune soon met with the council: Hiragii, Weaponmaster of the Shadow, Shizuka, Head of the Courtesans, Inoue, the Head of the Mystics, and Asagi, the most violent among the Vanguard. Before these four, she was accused of taking the sacred name of the Kitsune without honoring it, and allowing that name to be misused by Astra. During this time, it was also revealed to her that Unity was being puppeted by another force, and that the Reality Drive was continuing to have an effect on the world. In her depressed state, desperate for any guidance, she submitted herself to these charges, learning that as a result of them, as well as due to her being privy to the identity of the Lace Shadow's leaders, that she was to be taken in by the clan. The Clan Elder and Head of the Occultists, Sakura, took her for her formal induction into the clan, with assistance from Inoue.

Under the two magic users' attentions, and with her own natural strong spirit and submission to her fate, the Kitsune became one of the few converts to awaken, not as a Lace Drone, but a fully realized Lace Mystic; additionally, as a result of the ritual, and due to her hidden lineage, she shed her humanity and became a true Kitsune. The moment the rite was over, she swore her undying loyalty to the Lace Shadow, casting aside both the names of Astarielle and Kitsune, and taking on the name Shaderu. From that moment forward, she would serve the Lace Shadow in their goals, as well as embrace the darker instincts that she had long suppressed.


Soliel: The older sister of Soliel, Astarielle had always looked out for her younger sister. After her transformation, however, she began to grow increasingly distant. While she was still kind and warm to her sister, she seems to be be intentionally stepping away from Soliel, perhaps out of some subconscious desire to protect her sister from being bound as she has.

Strike: After their encounter with the Reality Drive, a deep affection and sisterly feelings were driven into Astarielle for the speedster. These feelings, rather than fading, only increased with the time they spent together, and when she became Shaderu, that desire became an obsession, a need to bring Strike into the shadows with her. Curiously, this has made her more subtle and playful in regards to Strike than with her other targets.

Metal Knuckle: Having both been at the UN and eventually taken by Astra, Shaderu feels a strange kinship with Knuckle, and a sense of pity on learning that Knuckle is currently being monitored by King. At the direction of Clan Leadership, she is allowing Knuckle to continue her investigation without interference, though she remains hopeful that her path will eventually lead her into the Shadow as well.

Inoue: From the moment she met Inoue at her trial, Shaderu had a bit of a crush on the mage. She has spent some time in close training with Inoue, and those feelings of attraction have deepened during that time. Thus far, it doesn't seem as if Inoue has taken to the fox quite as strongly, but Shaderu has made it her goal to become Inoues second, and serve faithfully by her side.