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Selene is a character played by User:AngelGrace, originating in Masks. A superhero and member of SASS, Selene seems quiet at first, but her sense of justice is strong, and she often lunges headfirst into trouble. She has a crush on Mika that was later found to be reciprocated.


Selene in her normal form

Name: Selene

Alias: The Siren, Suzaku

Age: 26

Race: Human/Netherworld-fused

Alignment: SASS,Netherworld


Draining Touch: Selene's natural born ability allows her to sap the strength of anyone she touches. It is unknown if this power can be projected.

Suzaku: Selene is bonded with the Netherworld spirit Suzaku, giving her increased strength and abilities. Included among these are a pair of black wings, allowing her to fly.

Previous abilities

Arousal Manipulation: Like most mylos, Selene possessed the ability to incite arousal in her targets. This ability could be projected, but it tired Selene more than if done by touch

Hypnosis: Selene could focus her gaze on a target and place them in a light trance.

Teleportation: Selene had the ability to teleport short distances along line of sight. It is unknown if she retained that power when she lost the other abilities granted by the Netherworld.


Selene was a human girl, captured by a fox demon named Bethrynna in service of her, and briefly Selene's, Mistress, Praenta. During this time, Selene was referred to as a mylos, both slave and soldier to the Netherworld. She was rescued by a Celestial named Jucinda, and led back to Earth, where she eventually freed herself from the Netherworld's influence. Shortly after her defeat of Praenta, Selene met and bonded with a netherworld spirit by the name of Suzaku. As a result, she lost many of her old abilities, gaining new ones in their place.

Before SASS

Selene was among a number of empowered humans targeted by Bethrynna, to be converted into mylos. Her capture was uneventful, and she spent several months in the Netherworld. During this time, she was conditioned by Bethrynna, as well as implanted with new abilities to further the cause of the Netherworld. However, before her conditioning could be completed, a Celestial infiltrated the Netherworld, extracting Selene. Unable to undo the changes that affected the young girl, the Celestial, Jucinda, urged Selene to use her newfound powers to help the world, and defeat the demon Selene now knew only as Mistress.

Fighting with SASS

The Hero, Siren

Joining the group Seven Awesome Super Sisters, Selene vowed not to allow anyone to suffer as she had. Taking on the moniker "Siren" and deving a simple costume, she began to fight for the fate of earth. At first, her contributions to the group were minor, as she was afraid of her powers. As time went by, and she grew more comfortable in her powers, she became more active in the group, sometimes to her own detriment. Often, she would grow impatient with the group, or struck by something she had seen, charging headfirst into danger. Despite her foolhardiness, she also provided a balancing force to the group, and would occasionally provide non-violent solutions to issues. Generally, she was warm and kind to the innocent, and determined to keep them from harm.

Due to being rescued by a Celestial, Selene trusted them more then most of SASS; there are some indications that she was also conditioned by Jucinda as an agent of Yu-Shan, though not nearly to the extent that the Ashigaru conditioned their agents. However, despite this trust, she was antagonistic towards the Ashigaru, noting that they were acting contrary to the methods of the rest of the Celestials. When Golden Witch was compromised by an agent of the Ashigaru, Selene assisted in separating the two, and allowing Golden Witch to be recovered, to an extent.

SASS confronted Bethrynna twice, and Selene was present for both appearances. Unfortunately, her conditioning made fighting the fox demon extremely difficult, and she was incapacitated both times. After Bethrynna's eventual capture, she attempted to assist in the interrogation of the fox demon, but was goaded into attacking an AEGIS agent and attempting to break into the cell, resulting in her arrest.

Selene, along with Mika Tsukasa, was instrumental in challenging the Tsukasa clan, often volunteering for missions in their territory. Upon learning of the relationship between Mika and the rest of the clan, she redoubled her efforts to keep Mika out of their hands. For some time, she was successful, however, during a visit to a shrine, she and Mika were both captured. While Mika was transformed into a Miko, the clan converted Selene into a Geisha, a drone-like soldier. Both Mika and Selene were later rescued by the rest of SASS and recovered, with seemingly no lasting effects to Selene.

Confronting her past and the Suzaku

Eventually, SASS gained information on a rite conducted jointly by the Netherworld and the Tsukasa clan. Locating the site of the ritual, SASS moved to stop them, and in so doing, Selene confronted Praenta. While she used her abilites to clear a path for both herself and the rest of SASS, Selene confronted her former Mistress with nothing but her fury at being used as a tool by the Netherworld. When the demoness fell, so did her link to Selene, freeing the heroes spirit for the first time since her capture.

As her powers began to fail her, she felt the spirit that the Tsukasa clan was attempting to summon. This spirit, the Suzaku, offered Selene the use of her powers, finding the girl to be very interesting. Accepting the offer, Selene claimed the pact meant for the leader of the Tsukasa clan. As a result, not only did she gain new powers, but much of the power the Tsukasa clan was drawing on was removed, seemingly removing them as a threat.

During this time, Golden Witch and Kat were captured by the Ashigaru. Selene took part in the operation to rescue them, and remove a major leader among the Ashigaru. The story so far stops here, with Selene empowered, ready to face whatever challenges lie ahead.

The Siren, reborn as the Suzaku

Personality and relationships


Outside of her hero work, Selene is almost timid, preferring to distance herself somewhat from other people. Her interactions are typically one on one, and she has a way of probing at what's bothering her friends. She studies literature and mythology, citing her favorite myth as the story of Prometheus. Her parents are accountants, and know nothing of her abilities or actions. If she has any friends outside of SASS, she has shown no sign of it.


Aileska: As a princess of the Netherworld, Aileska felt some responsibility for Selene's plight. Like most of the team, Aile seemed concerned for Selene's well-being, and during the early days of the team, often comforted her. After Aileska was taken into protective custody, she didn't hear much of the team; as yet, Aile is unaware Selene has become bonded with the Suzaku

Mika: Selene harbored a secret crush on Mika since the inception of SASS, admiring both her spirit and her resolve. Over time, Mika came to view Selene with some affection, and the two of them have flirted with a relationship in between missions. Their capture by the clan deepened their relationship, and the two of them have grown close. It is unknown how Mika assuming the leadership of the Tsukasa clan will affect this relationship.