Rinmer Jameston

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Rinmer Jameston is a character played by User:Hitsuji in Unity.

An expert in stealth, and an amoral mercenary.


Name/Hero/Villain Name: Rinmer Jameston

Alter Ego Occupation: Stealth-based Mercenary

Faction: N/A


Preternatural Stealth - Rinmer seems to fade into shadows just a bit better than a normal human, conceals herself behind crowds and other 'social stealth' tricks; she claims it's just talent, but there's almost assuredly something supernatural, to such a degree that it impressed the Lace Shadow. She's even better at it with their training... Excellent Night Vision - Rinmer can see in the dark way better than any normal human... Even better than most of her compatriots.


Knife expert - Rinmer uses two knives - or, if working nonlethally, saps - to exceptional effect - and she's only gotten better with her Enforcer training. Master Thief - Rinmer knows how to break locks and handle mechanical and even some magical traps.


No Higher Cause - Rinmer's in it for the money, and will take the highest paycheck no matter how unscrupulous. She's got no real motivations and takes paychecks basically as a source of direction only. Martera, for her part, likes running a profitable nightclub and seducing women into becoming her sexily-dressed employees. And also board and card games. Light Sensitivity - Shine a strong light in Rinmer's eyes, and she'll be dazzled for several seconds. She avoids the daylight for a reason.


Rinmer Jameston is an assumed name for a mercenary thief of some repute. She's taken jobs for various sources, even working on behalf of various superteams at various points. There are rumors that there is more than one Rinmer Jameston, and that the name's just a 'marketing' moniker of sorts. If this is true, though, all of them look identical.

One, at least, was tricked into a rescue operation to save someone from the Lace Shadow... The problem being, that girl didn't exist, and her paymasters were Shadow members testing her. Overwhelmed after an impressive fight, she wound up surrendering of her own will, taking their cause for her own in return for keeping some tiny bit of her sense of self. She still knows her own name, but doesn't seem to care for much else. She's well on the way to becoming a Guardian, and often works directly under Weapon Master Hiiragi, who converted her.

Orientation: Demisexual, Unknown Romantic/Dom/Switch