Queen of Diamonds

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Queen of Diamonds is a character played by User:Copper in Unity.


Code Name: Queen of Diamonds/Q for short.

Alter Ego Occupation: Unknown


Diamond creation: QD (as she’s known for short) can create diamonds using carbon in the air, and is even able to extract carbon from substances to feed her powers (so she is able to safely separate the carbon in CO2, for example). The diamonds she creates are flawless, albeit uncut, if there is enough carbon she can even create armor or accessories if given enough time to focus.

Glittering Greed: the diamonds QD creates have the odd trait of grabbing attention of those who look at them, the structure of the diamond causing the shine and glittering of the stones to make it difficult to look away from, and even begin to gradually make those who gaze at them begin to act greedily, even if it isn’t something they’d normally do.


“It’s just jewelry”: QD often disguises and hides her equipment inside accessories made of her diamonds, allowing her to sneak and smuggle small objects with ease.

“You can’t escape carbon”: QD is rarely helpless, as there’s almost always a little carbon around her.

Diamonds are a girls best friend: QD is an expert flirt, and knows how to use the greedy thoughts her diamonds give others to her advantage.

Stealth and espionage skills: QD is highly trained in all facets of stealth.


“Diamonds are unbreakable, but I sure ain’t”: QD is just a regular human, while able to control one of the most durable natural substances, is still as durable as a normal human.

“Something must come from. Something”: QD works best in spaces that are either densely populated or wide open, allowing her to harness the carbon emissions from people or machinery, as her powers require a lot in order to function well.

Needs to be able to focus to create the gems.

Extra Notes

The strength of the greedy influcence is directly proportional to the size of the diamond.


Born a seemingly average girl, quickly after she was brought home her parents began to notice small gems popping up around their child, using these diamonds, they quickly amassed a fortune, as she grew older, her parents continued to make her produce diamonds, and she would notice a strange glint in their eyes as she did so. Slowly, rumors of her powers began to spread, leading to several kidnapping attempts on her, before she eventually ran away due to her parents excessive greed and relative frugality on security, eventually she was recruited by the Hidden Abyss, and her talents allowed her to quickly make her way into the bosses inner circle, being one of the first agents to do so, and is the financial backbone of the organization. Oftentimes new recruits are given starting positions on how long they can resist the allure of her diamonds. While on missions she takes great pleasure in being the center of attention, the shining star of everyone’s attention, and master pickpocket.

Canon Events

QoD somewhat corrupted a young socialite named Rebecca and turned the girl into her diamond thrall, giving her a forehead implant so that the girl could never be without the influence of her diamonds, and is currently using the girls connections, familial or otherwise, to the benefit of the Hidden Abyss.