Nightington Labs

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Nightington Labs is an organization in Unity - Publicly a simple technology company that treats its workers really well, privately a mask for a conspiracy to 'save' the world through large-scale enslavement, all under the absolute control of its mad scientist mistress, Kellandra Nightington.

To the Public

Nightington Labs has a nigh-sterling reputation in Unity City - particularly amongst its liberal elite for it's highly unionized, well-paid staff and insistence on doing as much manufacturing as possible local to where the products are sold. The shops are clean, the prices of their goods high but the quality of worthwhile, and there's little to no sign of anything weird going on.

Of course, in the increasingly paranoid world of Unity, that leads to constant investigations - but so far, nothing's turned up anything more than a couple villains trying to subvert branches of the company. For now, their products are trendy for being some of the safest against mind-control technologies on market.

The Reality

Nightington Labs' products that are sold to the public really are as legit as they seem - Kellandra is very insistent on providing tools that help at least put a dent in the spread of mind-controllers where possible. Indeed, Nightington phones only have one abnormal circuit, which is only useful for those already under the company's influence.

Which, of course, is every last employee, every last would-be investigator, and as many national security apparatuses as she can get her hands around. So far, that's quite a few.

Kellandra believes that the growing number and array of mind-controllers in the world is leading to a breakdown in global political trust, and further that this will invariably lead to nuclear war if allowed to continue. Therefore, she seeks to create a situation where one shadow network - obviously her own - has sufficient control as to reliably bring global tensions down, bringing enough mind controllers under her personal control at once to ensure that they can be used against others, to bring the overall perceived threat level of mind-controllers to the common people down, and ultimately to have a more peaceful world.

She's more than a little cuckoo, though, combining a messiah complex with a genuine enjoyment of the control she can have over others that she's ill-prone to admitting to.

The majority of her employees who are allowed to notice the situation, as opposed to the Biochips in their heads compelling them to ignore any signs of it, are fanatically loyal to her ideal and goal, and function as extensions of her will - actively seeking to bring intelligence services, heroes, and villains under her sway.