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Mezlisa is a character of User:Hitsuji, originating in Pinnacle Academy.

A Succubus with a strong additional power, and originally a minion of Wailing Gesture (and thus Sanctifer), Mezlisa is trying to work on building an identity for herself even as her work with Pinnacle Academy's Team One keeps throwing her into insane situation after insane situation.

Pinnacle Academy

Name: Mezlisa

Faction: Pinnacle Academy (Organization)

Race: Succubus


Not superbly stable honestly, in part because she's a shapeshifter, mostly because User:Hitsuji is superbly indecisive. The only steady things are red hair and a preference for skimpy or showy outfits.

Character Sheet

This sheet only shows Mezlisa's mechanics. The pastebin is controlled by Kyoko.

History (pre-game)

Mezlisa has no memory of the time before she awoke thanks to the efforts of Miss Trial; what's been pieced together comes from interrogating Wailing Gesture and a few lucky hits of research.

It is known she was one of the first wave of people affected by the Mutation Engineer, and that the power she would have had drew the notice of Wailing Gesture, a Succubus-centric demon queen - who also viewed the human girl's family as a grave threat. She offered the girl a wish in return for her soul... Then took her soul first (a big no-no), took away her free will, made her wish to become a Succubus, and then had her kill her entire family, take all of their belongings, and join her in her hellish domain, putting her mutation power to work on Gesture's behalf... And it was a doozy, giving her the ability to out-and-out steal souls rather than have to bargain for them.

For about 100 years, Mezlisa toiled as one of Wailing Gesture's elite minions, until she was sent out to Pinnacle Earth and ran afoul of the then-not-yet-established Team One. Defeated by Miss Trial, she was captured, and successfully interrogated somehow - with Miss Trial figuring out what had been done to Mezlisa, and that her Mistress hadn't actually fulfilled the terms of the deal. She promptly sued Wailing Gesture in court, and won handily - snapping Mezlisa out of a hundred years of mindless servitude and freeing her to choose her own path.


Mezlisa, at first, barely had a personality - a century of mindlessness can do that to a person, it seems. Slowly, she's begun to figure out a few things about herself.

She enjoys having her powers, but has enough of a heart of justice to not be super-casual about using them. How much of that is just a complicated fear of Lightning Strike is... Uncertain. She is more willing to use her abilities after some conversations between them - particularly when it came out that very little Mezlisa could bring herself to do would set Strike off all that much, in part because there's no one Strike hates more than Pinnacle's leader, Alicia Carroll.

Mezlisa, for her part, is more worried for their snakey overlord than hateful towards her... But there's definitely some anger at her decision process.

Events Since Game Start


While the Pinnacle Academy Mezlisa has an arc that has taken her onto Unity Earth, this section is concerned with an AU of Mezlisa specific to Unity. (Or will be once I get there.)