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Patricia Oberly: "A Mistake."

Masks is a superhero RP with a dedicated section inside the Glamour Telecommunications Discord. Originating from there, it is an RP based off the Masks Table Top RPG system of the same name, and is ran and GM'd by Will, a member of the Glamour Telecommunications Discord server.

Masks follows the adventures of a small group of heroes, almost fully comprised of young women in their early to mid 20s, known as the Seven Awesomely Super Sisters, or SASS. Like Unity, the world it takes place in deals with themes of mind control and its variations, however Masks is its own separate RP and universe. What makes Masks different from Unity is that it follows a more structured Table Top RPG-style method of handling combat and conflict and the RP itself is a closed group. A similarity it shares with Unity is that there are various smaller incidents around the setting, though these are typically interactions that are occurring outside of or parallel to the main story.





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