Martera Espral

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Martera Espral is a character played by User:Hitsuji in Unity.

A small time Succubus, incapable of higher goals than running a sexy nightclub, Martera is a small fish in a big sea.



Name/Hero/Villain Name: Martera Espral / "Drain"

Alter Ego Occupation: Club Owner

Faction: Villain, petty-scale


Shapeshifting - Martera is theoretically capable of taking any humanoid form she pleases; however, usually, she sticks to a pink-haired preferred form, either with or without her obvious Succubus features - only using her shapeshifting for getaways or other ploys.

Flight - Martera's preferred form has wings, and they work... Kind of. In actuality, her flight magic isn't powered by them, but she does use them to maneuver while in the air.

Teleportation - Martera is capable of teleporting herself to any place she knows well or can immediately see. (No, seeing it on television isn't good enough - even if it's live TV.) Unlike her Flight, this takes a few seconds of focus to do - making it relatively easy to cancel by distracting her.

Charm - Martera's greetings have a magical enhancement that causes people to view her as a trustworthy friend, even if they would have reason to not trust her. This doesn't compel them to love her or be attracted to her.

Suggestion - A well-worded sentence, with a bit of magic, can cause someone to obey or accept a single instruction from Martera at a time.

Seductive Influence - Martera's touches, kisses... Really, anything she does to directly arouse someone, has the handy side effect of weakening the subject's will, relative to Martera only. Actually being brought to orgasm by her pretty much leaves the victim unable to even think of why Martera's commands could be a bad thing.


Good head on her shoulders - Martera's fairly genre-savvy, and can spot things coming others might miss.

No Big Goal - See her weakness, Programmed Pettiness. Martera's small-fry nature and generally affable nature usually keep her out of the crosshairs of the heroes... Usually.

Geek Toolkit - Martera's a board game geek and, being one who doesn't need sleep, spends way too much time reading all sorts of things. She loves making bets over rounds of Mahjong or various other games that mix skill and chance.


Programmed Pettiness - Succubi are unique among devils, in that they become less ambitious as they become more powerful. This is an inherent mental restriction, which Martera is incapable of significantly defying. The idea was that any self-respecting devil would abandon the Succubus form to become something stronger... The problem being that quite a few of them are too vain to take a less-beautiful form. Most who gain real power become elite minions to stronger lords... Some, like Martera, kind of veer off and pursue some other objective. Martera, for her part, likes running a profitable nightclub and seducing women into becoming her sexily-dressed employees. And also board and card games.

Scaredy-cat - If a hero manages to become physically imposing, Martera's fight-or-flight instinct kicks into 'flight', very, very quickly. She may be tough, but she's not a warrior and she will flee given half the chance.


Martera more or less is - like quite a few devilkin, she chose to take the power of the Succubus because she found the idea of deluding people into darker paths intriguging. She reveled in her power, gaining more and more of it, paying little heed to the cost she'd been told of when she took the form - that every bit of power a Succubus gained came at the cost of what every devil holds dearest - their ambition.

By the time she recognized the cost she'd paid, she no longer cared. No longer capable of grand schemes, Martera decided to just go have fun on Earth instead.

Which she did, establishing a nightclub in New York to make money and have an outlet for what little of her past ambition she had.

Orientation: Bisexual, Dominant