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Ensnared Wiki

This is a wiki for the Ensnared group of RPs, including:

All the everything is being worked on. Note that we require accounts for people to edit on this wiki; click "Log In" to create one!

For the sake of clarification: The Ensnared RP Group, unless clarified otherwise, consists of the Glamour Casino and Unity Discords and the Ensnared Forum, and any and all RPs within. RPs not related somehow to those two contexts can potentially be added here, but please talk with the admin via Discord first, especially if it's an RP they aren't involved in.

RULES: 0) By using any page past this frontpage on this Wiki, you agree that you are at least 18 years of age, or the relevant legal age for your locale, and that it is not illegal for you to access possibly pornographic content in your locale. While this wiki's primary intent is not itself directly pornographic, it is for adult-oriented gaming, so please use appropriate discretion. 1) Wheaton's Law: Don't be a dick. Just. In general. 2) Editorial Standards: Try to avoid casual language - we're looking to be a little tighter than TVTropes but not as tight as Wikipedia. 3) Hitsuji's Space: User:Hitsuji is the one paying for this wiki; they can and will edit any page to bring it up to editorial standards. If you believe their editing has made something inaccurate to the in-universe or OOC facts of something, please communicate with them before correcting it. 4) The Adult Limitation: The terms of service of the host of this site prohibit adult image galleries (not that they're... Super tightwad about it, the place used to host Hypnopics); do not upload pornographic images depicting real people at any point, and only upload anime pornographic images if they're genuinely relevant to explaining a character or context. Text logs are okay regardless.

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