Knights of the Round

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The Knights of the Round originate in Unity

Knights of the Round

The Knights of the Round are an organization of non-powered individuals who play a supporting role in defending Unity City from threats. Formerly known as National Enforcement And Recon, they were reordered after the crisis in Chicago, forming a new organization focusing on elite training.

Formation of the Knights

A wealthy heir named Brian Fletcher organized the first team in National Enforcement and Recon. Originally meant as a step between empowered individuals and ordinary police units, NEAR served effectively for some time. However, as the number of magical threats began to grow, and both heroes and civilians began to be mentally compromised, he became aware of a need to refocus the organization. His plans spent several weeks in the preparation stage, however, when his best agent and original candidate for Lancelot, Maria, mysteriously vanished, he came to realize that his time had come to an end.

Selecting his best agents, and reaching out to a few civilians he had been monitoring, he began to organize his new Order, preparing for the cataclysm he knew was soon to come. Each of the selected knights took upon themselves a code name matching one of those legendary knights of King Arthur's court.

Current Knights

Sarah - Gawain

Himari - Galahad

Olivia - Percival