Kellandra Nightington

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Kellandra Nightington is a character played by User:Hitsuji in Unity.

A villainous mad scientist and owner of a powerful tech company.


Name/Hero/Villain Name: Kellandra Nightington

Alter Ego Occupation: Scientist/CEO, Nightington Labs

Faction: Mistress (Tech/Science)


Sleep Gas - Kellandra keeps a powerful sleep-inducing gas in a can at all times - one she and several of her dolls have intentionally developed an immunity to. It's really an emergency measure for if she ever comes under direct assault - a risk she's normally very careful to mitigate.

Biochips - Kellandra's most important invention is her biochips - near-undetectable computerlike chips she can surgically plant on a victim's spinal cord, leaving them vulnerable to remote commands. Most commonly, she uses one of three settings:

  • The subject is unaware of their obedience, a full sleeper agent who will justify whatever odd actions they take.
  • A loyal servant of Kellandra and her objectives... But still more-or-less normal otherwise.
  • An emotionless, obedient 'doll'.

Ordinary scanners will not recognize a biochip as different from the subject's own biological tissue.


Scientific and Business Genius - Kellandra's smart enough to both run her scientific lab and the business that supports it. A lot of her greatest creations aren't sold to the public, though.

Loyal Minions - Kellandra's very quick to make sure all employees of her company - and plenty of off-the-book 'associates' - are under the influence of one of her mind-controlling biochips. Many of them are fiercely loyal to her, though only a very choice few are turned into her emotionless "dolls". Plenty of others are sleeper agents, following occasional commands without being aware of their obedience to her will.

Firm Identity - Kellandra's sense of herself as 'the mistress of dolls', as well as a 'genius scientist and businesswoman', is very firmly established in her mind; she will be extraordinarily resistant to attempts to subvert such.


No powers, no martial skill - Kellandra's screwed if she gets in a straight fight.

Mad Science - Kellandra's one can short of a six pack and she damn well knows it. She's usually just self-aware enough to remember to get her masterstroke going, or at least get the biochip installed in her victim before monologuing at the... But sometimes, she'll get way ahead of herself.

Kinda needy - Kellandra, frankly, is more than a little emotionally dependent on the praise and obedience of her servants. Take her illusion of power away from her, and she'll emotionally break down fast.

Subvertible - Kellandra's identity may be firm, but it's far from immutable by a creative domineering mind.


Kellandra Nightington graduated from her college with degrees in Business Administration and in Computer Science; the combination, however, scarcely represented the beginning of her mad genius. She'd secretly developed several products that she was sure could be sold at a premium to all sorts of potentially nasty players... But decided instead she'd rather start playing the supervillain game herself.

Her first step was establishing her company; Nightington Laboratories quickly earned a solid reputation for various consumer electronics products, aided by her purely local manufacturing and generous treatment of her employees. No one outside of the company was aware of the existence of her first product, though: Mind-controlling 'biochips', pretty much undetectable by medical scanning techniques, which were quietly planted in every new hire to ensure their loyalty to her, as well as their efficiency of work. Put simply: She can afford the appearances of her generous pay to her employees, because they're all putting out top-notch results every day they're at work, with no one the wiser to her secret.

The second phase of her scheme was a combination of internal promotions and a few kidnapped 'acquisitions', who were fitted with her chips and emotionally suppressed, creating robot-like 'Dolls' - devoid of personality, and capable of putting their skills to use with terrifying efficiency. Besides being useful for 'dark' operations, they often serve as her personal toys. (She particularly loves doing this to people who were trying to investigate her company.)

So far, she's just beginning her third phase - intending on getting covert control over as many superheroes and supervillains as possible, so that none stand to oppose her army when it comes time to raise that. She's already been developing new programs for use on beings who might have unusual resistances, intent on bringing the entire US (and possibly some other countries) under her subtle control.

Orientation: Lesbian, domineering.

Kellandra's Dolls

Villain Name: Real names vary, but each has a Doll Code consisting of a type and number; a controlled Super may be 'Advanced Doll 7', for example.

Alter Ego Occupation: Powered up mindless minions

Faction: Nightington Labs


Posthuman Movement - Each of Kellandra's Dolls has been enhanced with a super-serum, giving them speed and strength far beyond what their frames should allow for.

Emotionless - Kellandra's Dolls usually feel absolutely no emotion. Manipulative effects that depend on emotion simply won't work. Victims whose powers are dependent on their emotions somehow don't have this ability, instead feigning lack of emotion for their Mistress' pleasure. Emotion-dependent attacks still work on Dolls.

Feign Self - Dolls' natural personalities are not erased nor forgotten, merely suppressed. A metaphorical flick of a switch will have them acting like their usual selves, acting perfectly normal until the next command arrives.

Existing Powers - Dolls under Kellandra's control who already had powers still have them while under her control (except in a few peculiar circumstances).


Individual Skills - Any skills and powers that the person had before they were Dolled remain after their modification.

Efficiency - Kellandra's Dolls tend to move very quickly, often catching people off-guard.

Equipment - Kellandra's acquired a fair amount of specialty gear for her Dolls - from throat-mics that let them communicate with one another at a low whisper, to various combat gear, to their uniforms having an electrically-reactive nanoweave that can turn almost as hard as steel on command, they're well-geared for their work.


Robotic - The Dolls obey their mistress' command above all else - this can make them easy to trap, pitted against an adequately clever opponent. They also have essentially zero ability to detect if Kellandra's being controlled or otherwise forced to say things, or someone else having gotten their hands on Kellandra's all-important remote control. Combine this with Kellandra's proclivity for liking to 'talk' with her victims-to-be, and an obvious potential for disaster exists.

Monotone - The Dolls' constant monotone when in their usual mode can really make for poor communication in many cases.


Kellandra's biochips are superbly effective at overruling the minds of those who have one installed within them. She regularly will get chips placed in people without actually doing anything with them, creating sleeper agents, or only issuing occasional commands, or simply making her employees nigh-fantatically loyal to her.

Then there's her personal Dolls - young women who Kellandra decides to keep as her personal toys. Devoid of any emotion Kellandra doesn't wish them to feel, they know little more than obedience, and primarily answer to a number instead of their real name. However, this is not to say they lack memory - far from it, to the chagrin of the friends they often capture and chip to keep out of the mistress' way.

Most Dolls are usually seen in form-fitting blue uniforms, with boots, gloves, and hat. However, occasionally, Kellandra dresses them up in various fetish outfits... Or, more rarely, as their natural selves, if that's what is needed for some goal of hers. A flick of a switch makes them behave like their natural personality would allow... Other than the open or concealed complete loyalty to and inability to imagine disobedience to their mistress.

Orientation: Lesbian, submissive to Kellandra.