Karen Crystal

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Karen Crystal is a character played by User:Hitsuji at Unity.

A blatant Kallen expy; a heroic-mostly Rebel Without A Cause, armed with a powerful device and a single magic trick...


Name/Hero/Villain Name: Karen Crystal / "Guren"

Alter Ego Occupation: College Student/Heiress

Faction: Hero, Independent


Teleportation - Due to a magic device that was surgically implanted in Guren's left arm, she can freely teleport anywhere she can see. The only known limit is the speed of light and what she's willing to warp to - which restricts her to line-of-sight.

Dread Claw - A golden claw on a cable, which can shoot out, grab things, and pull them to her, or just punch or claw at stuff with significant force. It's typically worn mounted on her right forearm - unlike her teleportation wand, though, it's kind of obvious when worn, and too bulky to hide in a backpack, so she usually can't keep it with her when in her civilian identity. She also doesn't have any spares at this time.


Martial training - Karen's got belts in several martial arts, and mixes them - along with her devices - to well-practiced effect. Even groups of normal enemies pose little challenge for her.

Endless Endurance - Karen's fitness levels are exceptional, and she distance-runs as a hobby. Compared to many of her enemies, she simply does not tire.


Limited Sense Of Will - Karen doesn't have the inherent sense of justice of many heroes - she fights crime because criminals need to be beaten up and she's good at doing so. Without a strong moral core, her standard method of not falling under the sway of mind-controlling villains so far has been the admittedly effective "punch them in the face". Highly Dressable - Karen's body seems to beg domineering figures to change her outfit. A lot. It's not a literal compulsion (at least, as far as anyone knows), but rather a symptom of Karen's luck that she will keep getting dressed up/down/all-around, and usually not with her complete agreement. Enough photos of her "alternate outfits" have gotten out that really absolutely no one can figure out how she's kept even a semblance of a secret identity. (Especially when quite a few of those were technically not when she was doing the hero thing...)


James Crystal is the sixth generation owner of a vast array of gem mines across Africa, well known for his innovative practice of actually paying his workers and hiring competent security. He himself is little more than the bankroll for the entire operation, though... But that's made his family line enough money over a century and a half that really he just rolls with the Billionaire Playboy Philanthropist routine, and has encouraged his only daughter to do much the same thing.... To her tomboyish chagrin.

Karen's heroics are basically her trying to not be like her dad - even though she uses quite a few of his resources to get the tools she needs to do so. She flat-out commissioned an underground technology company for her Dread Claw - then another one to inspect the first's designs to make sure no bugs or tricks were in there.

Her first heroic outings actually went well - groups of street toughs bested easily by her simple combination of skill, fitness, and a large weapon. However, around the time she started college, she ended up on the wrong side of a magic blast that literally disappeared some bones in her left arm. She only survived that incident because another magician basically surgeried the only object that'd fill in for that bone into her arm - the wand linking into her nervous system and causing her to develop her Teleport Dash power.

That was three months ago, and she's learned to use the power to become significantly more terrifying to villains of the lower tier stripes. It's about time for her to end up punching way above her weight class...

Orientation: Not really thought about much at all.