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Himari is a character played by User:AngelGrace in Unity. A member of the Knights of the Round, she's one of the few current Knights who wasn't originally a member of NEAR.



Name: Himari/Galahad

Alter Ego Occupation: Office Clerk (Cover)


Unpowered: Himari is a normal human, and the only skills she can use in the battle to defend Unity City are the combat and police training the Knights have given her.


Himari was raised by a very traditional Japanese family, in fact, until recently, she was a Japanese citizen. From a young age, it was expected of her to develop herself as a lady, and to prepare herself for a traditional marriage; two things that she grew older, she realized she had very little interest in. During her teenage years, she had a bit of a rebellious streak, to the point when she graduated high school and applied for a student visa to the United States, her parents supported the move. What they supported, much much less, was her decision to apply to American citizenship. The experience would have been long and arduous for Himari, had Brian not approached her and offered to use his connections to sponsor her, on the condition that she consider a role in the newly formed Knights.

This offer was slightly puzzling to some of the NEAR agents, as well as Himari herself, who questioned his desire to hire on a largely unskilled immigrant. While he didn't share all of his reasoning, he did state that he wanted to create a diverse team as possible, and that a few of her electives from her time in the Japanese school system made her suitable for the role he had in mind; not just a combat unit, but an infiltration and extraction specialist. Agreeing to Brians terms, Himari took the codename "Galahad", as well as a cover job in a New York office. She spent several weeks in intense training in order to be prepared for Brian's reveal of the Knights, and now has a few successful missions under her belt.