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This page is for a Glossary of out-of-character or cross-setting terms relevant to the group of RPs this wiki relates to.

Alternate Universes

Secretly the key to finishing Mario games in very few 'A' presses.

Due to the weirdness of our settings and our active preference for continuity to not necessarily get in the way of what we think is fun, some plots are considered 'Alternate Universe', often resulting in alternate versions of characters who are associated with different factions or alignments than their usual self. It is of course perfectly common for AU versions of characters to meet their original canon self.


In continuity-heavy RPs like Unity and Pinnacle Academy, RP segments that either were removed from canon or were never meant to be canon in the first place are known as "Doujins". They usually have dedicated channels.

Sometimes, Doujins get changed to being canon after-the-fact, or are shuffled into being Alternate Universes.

Fandom Characters

Characters from existing media sources that are not originally owned by the person playing them, but are played in the RP nonetheless . Not all of the RPs on this Wiki allow this, though many allow use of fandom characters as a PB.

Usually the realm of Ensnared specifically.

Mistress / Master

If you haven't figured it out by now, these RPs tend towards Femdom and Hypnosis/Mind Control/Transformation themes. The broad term for dominant characters in these is Mistresses (or, for the relatively rare male or nonbinary dominant character, Masters); this is treated as a classification for OOC purposes, and the terms they use IC'ly may vary.

Original Characters

Characters created either specifically for one of the RPs this wiki relates to, or that are originally owned by the user playing them. For example, Daphne Miller originates from works outside the context of the RPs on this wiki, by Sunt; as Sunt is the one playing her in Pinnacle Academy, she counts as an Original Character.

All of the RPs have plenty of these running around!

PB / Played By / Picbase

Most of the players in this RP are not artists; thus, for the sake of having a visual reference, we usually grab images of existing fictional characters, usually from Anime or Anime-esque content, combined with a description of contrasting points if any.

Since some of the RPs also allow playing Fandom characters, it's good to note that if an Original Character has a PB, and that character meets the fandom character, they are assumed to look at minimum just different enough to be easily told apart.

Sl_t Machines

Sometimes, we don't want to worry about continuity and just want to play stuff! Sometimes, the things we play out then do end up in a continuity anyways. Regardless, this is what the Sl_t Machines are for - two or more people claim one of the channels, having set up a loose plan for a thing they want to do, and mostly just start playing.

The golden rule of these is, it's fine to watch, but don't butt in without talking to those already in the channel first! Also, when you're well and truly done with an RP (which can take time, that's okay!), explicitly mark the channel released so others can reuse it.