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Flaress is a character played by User:Hitsuji in Unity. An innate mastery of fire control motivated Flaress to join Unity, initially focused on search-and-rescue work. Unfortunately, it's also led to her subversion by Nightington Labs, so far with no one the wiser.



Name/Hero Name: Jeni Matteras AKA Flaress

Alter Ego Occupation: Secretary at a heating-and-plumbing shop


Fire Control: Flaress can create and telekinetically control fire and objects that are on fire within about a 100' radius.

Fire Immunity: Flaress is immune to fire and heat - rather important when setting parts of herself on fire is key to how she fights!




Canon Events

  • In between Unity Issue 3 and Unity Issue 4, Flaress joined Unity, getting basic network access and other utilities. After that was when she happened to be tagged by Kellandra Nightington. She remains in sleeper mode as of the start of Issue 4.

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