Eillyassa Loreweaver

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Eillyassa Loreweaver is a player-character in Horizon Arena, played by User:Hitsuji.


From a realm of fantastic magics and general epic-fantasy shenanigans, Eillyassa is, like most of her kind, kind of massively stuck-up and firmly convinced of her kind’s inherent superiority. Even at her young age, she’s a prodigy at development of magical items… And so far, has taken to the higher-tech that’s around here almost as easily (though not nearly to say Stella’s level).

Her fully-covering but suggestive armor is meant to exude an aura of “look, but don’t touch”, beyond its nontrivial protective properties.


Master Artificer

Given the supplies, Eillyassa can make any number of valuable magical items. This usually takes a significant length of time, but…

Handy Haversack

… She has a lot of premade gear stashed in an extradimensional space concealed within her cloak, including weapons, some utility outfits, and a massive array of magic items for both combat and utilitarian purposes.

Elven Weapons Training

Eillyassa is an expert with her signature shortbow, longbows, scimitars, and rapiers - elegant weapons, better suited to superior folk.

Instant Expertise: Technology

Due to a spell she allowed to be cast on her, Eillyassa knows how to handle the consumer tech of the Tomorrowland zone. She isn't able to hack it on say Redline's level, but she's got essential savvy.

Novice Wizardry

Due in part to her existing handle on magic, under the influence of the Mage faction, Eilly has developed basic direct spellcasting skills unusually quickly.

Faction-based Weaknesses/Resistances


Alraune Parasite/Living Clothes Bimbo


Bee Androids


Magic Demons Angels Catgirl Maids

Incident Log