Denise Roberts

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Denise Roberts is a character played by User:Hitsuji in Unity.

An ordinary Magical researcher, she's good at ritual magic... Which can definitely draw Attention from a certain sort of villain.


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Name: Denise Roberts

Alter Ego Occupation: Magical Researcher


Ritual Caster: Denise knows how to perform long-form magic. She's not a true magician, capable of improvised and rapid thaumaturgical feats without the aid of appropriate items, but she does have a knack for handling even very long rituals to great effect.


Denise has studied magical paraphanelia for years, and turned it into a job working a general magic shop, so that she could avoid racking up debt to get through college. She's managed to avoid being high-profile enough to target yet... The problem being the word "yet".

Canon Events

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