11 Tips To Improve AngularJS Performance

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Matt Creager is the core contributor of GoAngular, a data synchronization integration for AngularJS. The AngularJS Batarang is a Chrome extension that shows the live scope hierarchy and has some other really helpful features. For more help on your AngularJS app, check out Airbrake's AngularJS Error Handling tool. If you don't need CSS class and comment directives, disable them for a performance boost.

With NativeScript, you can finally create zero compromise mobile apps with Angular that feature truly native UI and performance. These resources go over a handful of topics that might be helpful in building the appropriate mental models while consuming the Angular curriculum.

Now, you can implement the view using the controllers in the following fashion. While the angularjs course in pune plugin is now bundled with WebStorm the AngularJS features don't kick in until you've included the AngularJS scripts in your project. Look on the last element where you saw it: your property was defined in a controller or directive defined on that element, or a close parent.

In AngularJS it's very common to have more than one controller in a single page. Perform the following steps to create a portlet application project using OpenCAF. Once you get used to it, however, you'll find it much more manageable when you need to deal with large-scale applications.

While this is not related to the performance, it's a quick way to organize our controllers in a much better way. We're not changing any models in our onMouseEnter() function, and we for sure don't want a call to $digest if the element is not $even. Twitter started out as a Ruby on Rails application but as it grew to millions and millions of users, everything had to be custom-built.

Controllers should only direct your code to a method or service that updates your model and in your model create helper classes to implement that business logic. When angular encounters the ng-view directive, it will look up the route information in and based on the current URL, it will load the corresponding XHTML from the location specified in the ng-view tag.